Pepper & Chilli Plants

Grow your own peppers and chillies from plug plants. Peppers and chillies are best planted in a greenhouse or polytunnel, or choose a sunny, sheltered part of the garden as the plants need a lot of warmth. All our vegetable plug plants come with a complete growing guide.

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  • Padron Pepper

    (3 Plug Plants)

    Some are hot, most are not!
    Padron Peppers are becoming so popular with foodies, and for good reason. They are simply delicious freshly harvested, stir fried in a generous glug of olive oil with a pinch of Cornish Sea Salt. Every so often you’ll come across one that is hot, but most are lovely and mild and so tasty. They are a must grow! Growing from plug plants is quick and easy – just plant them in a greenhouse or sunny, sheltered site when your plants arrive and follow the advice in the growing guide provided with your plants.

    Number of plants: 3 plug plants

    Variety: Padron (organic*)

    In the kitchen: Best fried in olive oil until the skin blisters, then sprinkle with sea salt.

  • Sweet Pepper – Topepo Giallo

    (3 Plants)

    Great for stuffing

    These tomato-shaped peppers are lovely and sweet, ideal for stuffing (they’re usually 7-8cm diameter) and the plants are very productive. An excellent choice for pots.

    Number of plants: 3

    Variety: Topepo Giallo (organic*)

    In the kitchen: This pepper can be enjoyed raw in a salad or it can be stuffed, roasted or added to sauces.

  • Chilli Pepper -Orange Habanero

    (3 Plants)

    Don’t underestimate this little fella – hot hot hot!
    Habanero peppers may be small but they are also fiery and are among the hottest chilli peppers that you can get. With small tapering fruits 2-4cm long, these fruits start out green and turn to pale orange when ripe.

    Number of plants: 3

    Variety: Orange Habanero (organic*)

    How Hot? Very hot!

    In the kitchen: If you’re brave this chilli will pack a punch in any chilli or curry. It’s also delicious pickled or used in a chilli jam. It can be eaten raw or cooked.