10 things to grow for a more attractive plot

Marigolds, lavender and borage have been identified as some of the best things to grow to attract more pollinators into your garden…and we’ve got a few extras to add to the list.

  1. Climbing beans – so pretty growing up wigwams in the veg patch, and their little flowers are very attractive to pollinators. If you’re restricted on space, there are dwarf varieties.
  2. Courgettes – have you ever noticed how busy courgette flowers are with bee activity in the morning? They are great looking plants, and will flower for months on end.
  3. Mangetout peas – these climbers really do look a lot like sweet peas, but you get to eat the pods, so in our opinion they are better!
  4. Globe artichoke – once these flower, the bees will swarm to them! Very decorative plants, although they are quite large…
  5. Violas – these are a great little addition to the plot, as they are very small and compact so can fit easily between rows to add a splash of colour and attract beneficial insects and pollinators.
  6. Tomatoes – tomatoes flower for a long spell and if you grow them outside in a sheltered spot the bees will love them!
  7. Aubergines – great looking plants with lovely flowers that will go down well with pollinators.
  8. Wild Rocket – although you mostly want the plants for the leaves, they have pretty, edible flowers too, so if some of them bolt it is no problem.
  9. Hyssop – lovely spikes of blue flowers that are very popular with bees and butterflies, and a useful herb to have on hand.
  10. Chives – the spiky pink flowers are great for bees, and so easy to grow and useful for the kitchen too!