3 easy growers for novices

If you’re only just beginning to get to grips with growing your own, or if you’ve never grown anything over the winter before, then we have three veg plants for you that are incredibly easy to grow.

Spring Onions

Plant spring onions 10cm apart in a raised bed or a pot and water them in well. That’s all you need to do really…you won’t need to worry about watering them over the winter (unless you’re growing them under cover), they’re not very popular with slugs and they’ll grow slowly and steadily until they are ready to harvest in spring.

Wild Rocket

Pop them in the ground, or in pots, leaving 10cm between plants, water them in and then let them grow. Within just a few weeks you’ll be able to harvest the leaves – pick off a few leaves at a time from each plant and they’ll keep growing. They tend not to attract slugs either. Make sure you remember to water them if they’re growing under cover.


Perpetual Spinach

Plant them straight in the ground 30cm apart, or 2-3 plants per pot. As the name suggests, they go on forever (well, for a long time at any rate!) – just pick off leaves as you want to use them. The only thing to worry about is slugs, but if you lay some beer traps around the plants then it shouldn’t be too difficult to control.