3 Great Resources

In addition to our Weekly Veg Out and Blog, we thought it’d be good to share a few other excellent online resources for eager veg growers! These are our 3 top picks, but we’d love to hear from you if you’ve come across any other fab sites..

First off, it’s got to be Charles Dowding’s brilliant website. Charles has become the guru of No-Dig gardening, and an awful lot of what he says just makes sense! In addition to the blog articles and forum on his website, you’ll find a lot of helpful videos on his YouTube channel.

We also really enjoy Alys Fowler’s weekly column on The Guardian website. It’s a little broader in that it covers growing flowers and shrubs as well as veg and fruit.

For a lot of easy-to-follow, practical tips, try Grow Fruit & Veg magazine’s online blog . It’s good for picking up the odd tip here and there, and well suited to the more novice grower.

Finally, if you’re interested in a blog with plenty of views and opinions on sustainability and ethical approaches, then Wicked Leeks by the team at Riverford is well with a visit!