3 things to do in the garden this weekend…

It’s nearly the end of April and we began sending out our veg gardens this week. We started with the Constant Gardens and Instant Gardens are next up… so, if you haven’t already received a box full of baby plants, you will do fairly soon. Don’t forget that you’ll receive and email from us one week before we send your garden, and another on the day we send it, so you’ll have plenty of advance warning!

With the arrival of your new baby plants in mind, here are three things you can be doing in your garden this weekend.


1. Give your greenhouse or polytunnel a clean.

You need to make sure the sun can shine through nice and brightly for all those tomatoes and peppers that you’ll be growing this summer.  Get rid of any algae that’s grown on the glass or plastic over the winter by cleaning inside and out. Try to use a nice eco-friendly glass cleaner or detergent for this job if you can.


2. Make a compost area in your garden.

If you have a big enough garden you can simply have a big heap of organic matter (grass, cuttings, mouldy veg from the fridge!) somewhere. Use old pallets to build walls for it if you prefer to keep things neat and tidy.  If you have a smaller garden you can get a fairly compact compost bin. Either way, be sure to choose a flat area with good drainage so that your compost doesn’t get too waterlogged. We’ll give you the low down on how to make good compost in a few weeks.


3. Install water butts to collect rain water.

Collecting rain water is a great way to ensure you have enough to feed your plants throughout the summer. It’s economical, eco-friendly and it’s just good common sense. Now is a good time to install one if you haven’t already done so.


Happy Rocket Gardening!