3 things to do in the garden – April 30th

Large Vegetable gardenHappy Bank Holiday folks! It’s cold out there, but you can still enjoy your garden this weekend…here are three things worth doing.

1. Make sure your plants won’t get frostbite in this cold weather…read more here!

2. Watch out for slugs! If you’ve had a little rain lately then it’s a good idea to deter slugs and snails. You can make beer traps – dig a hole and pop a small, lidless container (an old milk bottle or a ramekin dish) filled with beer – lay down some eco-friendly slug deterrent, or try crushing egg shells and sprinkling them around the base of plants.

3. Earth up potatoes…if you planted your seed potatoes over the past few weeks, you might be seeing some shoots now. If so, it’s time to earth them up. Just rake up a little extra earth from the surrounding area and use it to cover the shoots. This prevents any sunlight getting to your potatoes and turning them green (you can’t eat green potatoes!)

Happy Rocket Gardening!