3 tips for newly planted plants…

Get these three things right when you plant out your veggies and it will really help them to get off to a good start this season.

Make sure plants are warm

This is the number one thing that is going to help your plants thrive in the early days – making sure that they are nice and warm and not subjected to cold conditions. You can do this by covering tender plants like sweetcorn, squash, tomatoes and beans (and more!) with a sheet of horticultural fleece, or a tunnel cloche, or even just homemade cloches made from old bottles.

Add wormcast fertiliser and/or compost when planting

Giving the soil a boost of nutrients through adding a handful of wormcast fertiliser with each plant as you plant up, or by adding a little extra compost to the hole before you re-fill with soil will help young plants access what they need to grow healthily from day one.

Water deeply, in the mornings, during dry spells

When we say to water deeply, we mean make sure that the water actually soaks right into the soil rather than just wetting the surface. A deep watering like this two or three times a week will be better than a shallow watering every day because it encourages the plants to send their roots deeper into the soil where they will be able to access nutrients and moisture during the summer months.