5 autumn veg patch ideas for small gardens

Autumn Winter Patio Container Garden

Even if you don’t have a huge amount of space in your garden you can grow a pretty good crop over the next few months. We’ve got ideas for you whether you just have a small balcony, a few pots or a single raised bed.

  1. For a small balcony or patio, look no further than our All-in-One Winter Salad Planter. It’ll fit in a corner and you contains 8 different types of salad plant (5 plants of each) to keep you harvesting your own homegrown salads all through winter.
  2. If you have a good collection of pots you can grow quite an impressive crop. Our Container Garden Veg Patch is just the ticket, enabling you to grow a range of different veggies in 10-15 pots.
  3. If you have a small raised bed or some good sized planters, try the brand new Urban Autumn Veg Patch. It has been designed to fit within a 5m2 area, and can be grown in a couple of planters with a grow bag or some extra pots etc.
  4. If you fancy growing year round, the Mini Year Round Veg Patch is just the ticket, with three separate deliveries of veg plants across the year to keep you growing.
  5. If you only have one or two pots, don’t panic. There are some perfect plants that you can choose from…spring onions, wild rocket, land cress, curly kale and corn salad are all great for pots.