5 Unusual Looking Crops you should grow

We think it is very important to grow something with a bit of a “wow” factor in the veg patch, mainly to impress friends and neighbours, but also because it makes you more creative when cooking with them!

Cauliflower Romanesco

Romanesco Caulflower

Definitely some sort of alien invader of a crop! It tastes like a mixture of broccoli and cauliflower, and looks very fun growing in the garden. It’s part of the brassica family, so prefers slightly cooler conditions – it’d do well in a slightly shady part of the veg plot.

Delicacy Purple Kohl Rabi

Kohl Rabi

More alien invaders! These purple beauties are part of the brassica family, and they taste quite similar to a broccoli stalk. Great for chopping up into matchsticks and adding to stir fries. Give them a go!

Custard White Summer Squash

It’s so much more exciting to look at than a courgette, but tastes quite similar being part of the same family! We love these. They are so great sliced and grilled on a BBQ (add chilli, lime and garlic – delicious!) and you can roast them/stuff them too. They grow like crazy, so you’ll get a good crop!


Such pretty climbing plants with grape-sized fruits that look like tiny watermelons! These little cucumbers became really popular last year, and we’re expecting to grow them again this summer (they will be launched on the website soon, so keep an eye out!)

Pink Fir Apple Potatoes

Knobbly little spuds that look totally out of the ordinary but taste really wonderful! They are a great choice for salads, especially if you give them the addition of a really nice (homemade?!) mayo.