A new love of growing chicory – Diary of a Rocket Gardener

I decided to give chicory a go this year, and I am so pleased that I did. It is such a joy to see it growing – I’m a total convert. I’m not sure I’m particularly excited about harvesting it, but it is such a beautiful plant and it changes all the time.

I’ve read a bit about growing chicory in the past, and had always been put off by words like “blanching” and “forcing” – but as far as I can tell, all this is unnecessary with the chicory plants that I’m growing from Rocket Gardens. All I have done is to plant the plug plants in a raised bed in full sunshine, and to keep them well watered. Over the weeks, they have gone from lettuce-like speckled green and red baby plants, to this almost mature red plant with clear veins and a heart forming. It’s been so lovely to see the plants change week by week.

I thought I would share this post in case there are others out there who are put off by gardening jargon when it comes to growing chicory – give it a go, it is so pleasing to grow! Here’s my collection of stage by stage photos…