A New Year goal: aim to reduce slug habitats

The number one question on all growers’ lips is “how do I get rid of slugs”. The number one answer to this is to reduce slug habitats as much as you possibly can.

  • Tidy up your plot – remove any empty/unnecessary pots, large stones, bits of wood etc that all serve as hiding places for slugs
  • Rake up fallen leaves so that paths and beds are fairly free and tidy (collect the leaves up for a leaf mould mulch)
  • Remove yellowing leaves from brassicas as these are very attractive to slugs as they fall on the soil.
  • Keep your plot weed free to reduce hiding places
  • If possible, remove the sides of raised beds to leave a borderless plot – the wooden edges are a classic hiding place for slugs and snails!

It’s a really good idea to investigate no-dig gardening if slugs are a particular problem in your plot, as it does help to reduce slug habitats a lot.