About Rocket Gardens

From our farm in Cornwall, our team at Rocket Gardens sow and grow thousands of organic vegetable plug plants, herbs and potted fruits ready to be delivered to your garden gate at just the right time for planting out.

It’s a really easy way to grow as we do all the difficult bit for you…all you need to do is pop the baby plants in the ground and keep them watered and protected from pests.

There is a huge range of different vegetable, herb & fruit plants for you to choose from, as well as collections of plants and instant Veg Patches containing a selection of different veggies designed to fit certain garden types, whether you have space for just a few containers or the luxury of a big allotment.

Plants are delivered in spring, summer or autumn, in 100% plastic free packaging that can be either added to the compost pile or recycled.

Start shopping at www.rocketgardens.co.uk