Amazing Padron Peppers! Diary of a Rocket Gardener

Warning – this is a shameless plug for Rocket Gardens’ Padron Peppers, and also a slightly unsubtle hint that they should definitely grow them again next season!

So, last year, I wanted to grow Padron Peppers myself, but Rocket Gardens didn’t sell them so I grew my own from seed. They were fine and I had a reasonable crop. However, like the supermarket Padrons, NONE of them had even the slightest bit of heat!

Part of the fun of eating Padron Peppers is in that “will this one be hot?” moment just before you bite into one. People always talk about Padron Peppers being a bit like playing Russian Roulette, as every so often you get a really hot pepper. In Spain, when I was lucky enough to live in the Basque Country for a few months, I ate them all the time and some were definitely on the hot side. But back here in the UK I’ve found them a bit disappointing.

I am delighted to report that this has all changed now that I’m growing Rocket Gardens’ Padrons… I’ve had a couple that have been eye-wateringly punchy, and it’s been a really great crop! Please, please grow them again for us next year Rocket Gardens, and please please make sure you order them everybody else!