An easy way to protect your crops

If you need to prop up some netting or fleece to protect your crops from frost, pigeons and so on, then a jar, small plant pot or something similar upturned on a bamboo stake is a quick and easy option!

All you need are some bamboo stakes that are just a few centimetres taller than the plants you want to cover. This way, the netting/fleece won’t sit directly on top of the plants and will give them a bit more space to grow and keep their leaves healthy. Turn the jar or plant pot upside down on top of the bamboo, then pull over the netting/fleece and secure it down with heavy stones or pegs.¬†You’ll need just enough stakes to keep the netting from sagging down onto the plants.

Remember that autumn planted kale and broccoli will still be quite small, but will hopefully get quite a lot bigger so make your bamboo canes tall enough. About 1m-1.5m high should give them enough space.