An End of Season Checklist


As the clocks go back, autumn planting comes to an end, and the first few frosts threaten, we’ve pulled together a quick check list for your veg plot.

  1. Be sure to harvest the following crops soon, before frosts:
    • Pumpkins
    • Winter Squash
    • Celeriac (will tolerate light frost, but not heavy frost)
    • Beetroot
  2. Pull up old plants and top up the compost pile
  3. Start raking up fallen leaves, collecting them for a leaf mould/mulch
  4. Earth up or stake tall crops to help them in strong winds
    • Brussels Sprouts
    • Purple Sprouting Broccoli
    • Cavolo Nero
  5. Install water butts to collect rainwater for next spring/summer
  6. Top up empty beds with well rotted manure or compost, then cover with black polythene or cardboard.
  7. Protect young plants against slugs and snails
  8. Use a cloche or fleece to protect vulnerable crops against frosts and keep them a bit warmer – all younger plants will benefit from this, but winter lettuces in particular should be protected.
  9. Add old compost/soil from used pots and containers to the compost pile.
  10. Clear up general debris to reduce hiding places and habitats for pest/disease. A tidy plot is a healthy plot!
  11. Harvest any last veg from the greenhouse, and clean down greenhouse/polytunnel windows
  12. Cut back calendula, marigolds, and any mustard greens/wild rocket that is flowering, and any herbs that are going to seed if you don’t want them to re-seed – chives, marjoram etc
  13. Cut back asparagus (to ground level)
  14. Once Jerusalem Artichokes stop flowering, cut the foliage back to ground level
  15. Cut back any final strawberry runners (unless you want them to grow!)