Are mushrooms in the soil a good or bad sign?

If you’re spotting lots of mushrooms in your veg patch, then it’s a good sign that you have nice, healthy soil…

Mushrooms grow in a different way to your veg plants. They reproduce by attaching their wind-dispersed spores to their food source, which could be the veg roots, dead plants, fallen leaves, wood chip or even dead animals (sorry, not a nice image, but that’s the way it is in nature!)

When they are growing, mushrooms essentially work in harmony with plants, and they help each other to grow. The mushrooms take nutrients from their food source – the roots, the dead plants, etc – and then push it back into the soil as they help to decompose whatever it is they are using as their food source.

This isn’t true for ALL mushrooms, but more often than not, mushrooms are improving the quality of your soil, and seeing them pop up at this time of year in your raised beds and pots is generally nothing to be concerned about. The good mushrooms massively outnumber the not-so-good mushrooms. We’d suggest you just leave them their to do their thing unless you are worried about pets/small children, and obviously, don’t eat them!