Autumn Plants in Pots – Diary of a Rocket Gardener

Well, I am really pleased with the mini autumn veg patch that I’ve created! I’ve got one of Rocket Gardens’ Planters, as well as 3 medium/large pots and 1 small pot.

In the planter I have planted 5x spinach, 5 x chard, 5 x pak choi, 5 x tatsoi and 5x turnips. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze, but I think it’ll be fine because I’ll probably harvest the turnip and pak choi a bit earlier than the spinach and chard.

Meanwhile, in one large pot I have 2x Red Russian Kale and 2x Cavolo Nero – I think they’ll be great, as it’s a nice deep pot so there is plenty of room for their roots. In another of the larger pots, I’ve packed in lots of salads, about 10 plants, with rocket, mizuna, and land cress. In the other, I have 3x Curly Kale. Finally, in a small pot I have 3x corn salad plants.

My theory is that by having these plants in pots right by my front door, I will be far better at looking after them and using them over the winter. All the rest of my plants have been planted in the veg patch itself, which is a bit further down the garden and thus far less enticing to visit on a windy, wet day!!