Best fruit for growing in pots

Soft Fruit plants grow surprisingly well in pots and containers. It’s all about size! Here’s our list of the fruits that will do best in pots so that you can happily add them to your garden, even if it’s a little on the small side!

Brigitta Blueberry Plant

Blueberry 'Chandler'

Blueberries are perfect for pots as they are fairly compact. You may need to pot them on to larger containers as they grow, but they should be ok in a 40-50cm pot for several years. It’s almost easier to grow them in pots as you have more control over the soil acidity (PH5.5 and under is best – use an ‘ericaceous’ compost when filling pots)

Raspberry 'Ruby Beauty'

Reaching just 1m in height, these compact raspberry canes are perfect for growing in containers in smaller gardens or on patios and don’t require any supporting stakes. Perfect!

Lingonberry 'Red Pearl'

These juicy little berries are just the thing for for jams and sauces.  They reach a maximum height of around 15-20cm making them perfect for pots, and they’re very similar in flavour to cranberries, but better cropping. They also withstand frost well. We reckon they’re pretty much the perfect fruit!


Strawberries grow well in pots (or grow bags) – you can use a fairly shallow 25cm pot per plant (or plant them 20cm apart in a grow bag) and they’ll be happy as Larry. Don’t forget to water them though as they are thirsty little plants.