Can I grow potatoes in containers?

Yes! Absolutely. If you have a couple of big, deep pots or old buckets/trugs, then you’ll be able to plant a few seed potatoes and dig up a lovely harvest later in the summer. Here’s a quick guide.

Choose 2 or 3 deep, wide containers, approx 75cm wide and 1m deep, and make sure you have enough soil/compost to fill both.

1. Plant the seed potatoes

Fill each container about a quarter full. Then space 3-5 seed potatoes evenly on the surface of the soil and continue to fill until the potatoes are covered with soil and the container is about a third full.

Don’t forget to water during dry spells to keep the soil a little moist.

2. Earth up when the shoots come through

Once you start to see the foliage peeping up like this, cover it with soil so that your container is now two thirds full and the foliage is hidden.

Keep watering from time to time until the foliage re-appears.

3. Repeat this process

When the foliage grows through again, top it up with more compost/soil until the container is pretty much full. Then just keep watering from time to time and allow the foliage to grow.

Over the course of the summer the foliage will reach about 20-30cm tall and the plants will start to produce flowers.

4. Harvest when the foliage dies back

When the leaves start to turn yellow and die back you can upturn the container to harvest all your delicious potatoes. Our top tip for this part would be to harvest when the soil is quite dry, and upturn it in a place where you can easily sweep up the soil after you’ve rescued all the potatoes. Then you can re-use the soil/compost in another pot or bed.