A clever way to grow over autumn and winter…

This is a great way to grow over the next few months – it’s drier, warmer (for you and your plants) and you’ll have fewer pests to contend with. Plus, it doesn’t take up much space.

Step 1.

Pop a Sunbubble in your garden (or use a greenhouse/polytunnel if you already have one of those). The sun bubbles don’t take up much space in the garden but they will provide a warm and sheltered area for your winter plants to grow. The beauty of them is that you can easily move them around, put them up, take them down and so they needn’t be a permanent fixture in your garden.

Step 2.

Fill your Sunbubble with planters, pots and grow bags. If you can raise them up a little by placing them on an old table or even on a pallet, then that will help to keep them away from slugs etc a little bit, as well as keeping them off the cold ground at night time.

Step 3. 

Fill your planters and pots with good quality compost and pop your plants in to grow with a handful of wormcast fertiliser for extra nutrition. Add a straw mulch using the straw from your delivery – this will help to keep the soil a little warmer. Make sure you water plants regularly and be sure to keep the door shut to retain the warmth!

Step 4.

As the weather turns chillier in late October/November you can cover plants with a layer of horticultural fleece at night to help keep them warmer. This will do wonders for their growth during the colder months.