Crops to protect with mesh netting

Mesh netting is a really simple way of protecting so many crops from all sorts of different pests – usually sold by the metre, it’s well worth getting  your hands on some to protect the plants detailed below.

All Brassica Plants

Brassica plants are easily decimated by pigeons, which will strip them back to the main stem in no time at all, and caterpillars. Mesh netting is the easiest way to protect them from both pigeons and butterflies, and we’d really recommend that you cover all brassicas with mesh net.

Mustard Leaves & Rocket

These are prone to damage by flea beetles, which will eat tiny holes in the leaves. Although the damage doesn’t stop you from harvesting the crop, it can be kept to a minimum by covering Wild Rocket, Mizuna and other mustard leaves with mesh.


It is a really good idea to cover carrots with mesh netting or horticultural fleece to prevent carrot root fly from laying their eggs. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae bury into the soil and feed off the roots, which leaves you with damaged carrots at harvest time.


Mesh netting is a really easy way to protect strawberries from birds – you can just lay the netting over the top so easily, after flowering (wait until after flowering so as not to banish pollinators!) and because it is mesh it tends not to trap and harm the birds unlike many other so-called ‘bird netting’.