Diary of a Rocket Gardener – a Mystery Muncher



OK, this is a bit of a weird one. Somebody’s been eating my celeriac leaves but I don’t know who. I suspect it is the same somebody that has been eating my parsley leaves, but I don’t know who that is either. Whoever it is, they seem to eat a couple of leaves, but not any¬†stems.

There’s no sign of slugs or snails, and the chard that’s growing next to it is slug free too (if I was a slug I’d go straight for the chard and not bother with the celeriac) so I don’t think it’s slugs.

I haven’t seen any caterpillars on the plants¬†– they were all over the chard so obviously that’s their food of choice, and anyway I got rid of both eggs and caterpillars as soon as I spotted them so it can’t be them.

It’s not the same kind of damage as I’ve seen pigeons do to leaves, so I don’t think it’s them.

I guess it could be rabbits. But surely they’d be tucking into the spinach, chard and lettuce?

I am confused and a bit annoyed because I don’t know who’s responsible so I don’t know how to look after my beloved celeriac. And it is beloved – I think it is the vegetable I am most excited about growing this year.

So, I shall watch and wait. If I figure it out, I’ll let you know!