Don’t let your tomatoes dry out

tomato blossom end rot

As tomato plants all over the country start flowering and fruiting we have one really important piece of advice: don’t let them dry out!

Why? Tomatoes really suffer when the soil dries out, and if it happens whilst they’re fruiting and flowering then the dry spell can really affect the fruits themselves as they grow and ripen. Chances are the extreme change in soil moisture level, from super dry to suddenly being watered (and most people will give them extra water to make up for them having dried out), will lead to blossom end rot and/or split skins as the fruits ripen.

Blossom end rot is seen when the bottom of the fruits turn black and rot, making your juicy tomato a little less appealing to eat! Split skin is slightly less disastrous but doesn’t look nearly so nice as a beautifully formed, smooth skinned fruit, and can often make the texture inside a bit fluffy.

So, try to make sure you water regularly and keep that soil consistently moist. Good luck tomato growers!