Easy Growers

If you’re short on time, or new to growing, our Easy Growers Veg Patch would be a great starting point, with fuss-free veg that require little care other than watering and weeding. Here’s a little more information on what’s included in the veg patch…

Beetroot & Carrot

These just need well-dug soil – once they’re in the ground, you’ll need to water them regularly (2-3 times a week is usually fine), but other than that they need little attention.

Dwarf French Beans & Tiny Tim Tomato

You don’t need to build supports for dwarf beans or bush tomatoes – just plant them 20cm apart in a sunny spot and water regularly.


Winter Squash & Courgette

These need little other than sunshine and water – plant them about 1m apart, or in large individual containers and let them do their thing. The courgettes can be harvested through summer, and the winter squash will ripen in October.

Lettuce & Spinach

Leaves are incredibly easy, and can even be grown in shadier spots in the garden which makes them very useful. Just get them in the ground 20-30cm apart, water well during dry spells and cut them regularly to keep the leaves growing for longer.


Plant these in spring, and you can pretty much leave them to their own devices until late autumn when you can harvest them. You can plant them 20cm apart, and water regularly and they should do well.


Dig over the soil well, or plant into deep containers, and make sure you give them 30cm between plants. Other than that, water regularly during dry spells, and wait until the first frosts before you harvest them.