Everything is being eaten! Diary of a Rocket Gardener

Seriously, everything is being eaten this winter. If it’s not slugs, it’s snails. If it’s not snails, it’s pigeons. If it’s not pigeons, it’s mice. If it’s not mice, it’s caterpillars. Caterpillars?! It is December, why on earth are caterpillars still ploughing through all my brassicas? I’ve never known a winter like this. Admittedly, I’m in Cornwall and apart from a few days here and there, the temperatures have remained very mild, but even so…

Usually at this time of year, I have little to do in the veg patch other than harvest parsnips and pick kale and spinach, but this season is different. Jobs currently include weeding (I’m still pulling up nettles!), checking for caterpillars, securing netting after storms, trying to minimise slug and snail damage, and turning the compost pile regularly and checking other areas for mice and other rodents. I also see squirrels and crows nipping in and out of the veg patch. They’ve either all decided I’m a soft touch, or there’s a lot more activity going on in the not very cold winter that’s underway.

Still, there is an upside – all the leaves that I planted in September and October have grown very fast for this time of year, and there is at least a reasonable amount for me to share with all these pests!

Although this isn’t a particularly useful post this time, I hope it will at least make you feel better if you are also finding a lot of pest-activity in your plot this winter!!