February in the Veg Patch

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

It looks like February will be off to a chilly, snowy start, which means that you can do a bit of relaxing inside with a cup of hot chocolate, but there are still things going on in the veg patch and preparations to be made for the season ahead…

What to Plant

There’s not a huge amount to plant this month, but you can soon plant up garlic, onion and shallot sets, and start getting soil ready for asparagus and potatoes (once it’s thawed out a little!)

Meanwhile, here at Rocket Gardens, we’ll be sowing loads of seeds in our polytunnels and getting our spring plug plants on the go.

Jobs for the garden

The key tasks this month are to warm up your beds and get prepared for spring.

  • Add well rotted manure or compost to empty beds
  • Cover beds with black polythene to warm the soil
  • Clear up general garden debris (leaves, weeds, old plants) to keep pests to a minimum
  • Keep on top of frosts if you’re growing winter salads
  • Clean greenhouse windows and polytunnels
  • Clean pots for spring

What to harvest

If you’ve been growing with Rocket Gardens over the winter then you’ll probably have a fair bit to harvest right now:

  • Sprouting Broccoli
  • The last sprouts and cabbages
  • Leeks, celeriac and parsnips
  • Winter salad leaves and lettuces
  • Spinach and chard
  • Golden turnips
  • Spring onions