Feed your veg this week for a better crop…

Fruiting vegetables (squashes, pumpkins, courgettes, tomatoes, beans, peppers, chillies, aubergines, melons etc) would really benefit from a liquid feed now to replenish the nutrients in the soil for a bigger, better crop in a few weeks.

It’s easy to make a nutritious liquid feed from wormcast fertiliser, and reapplying it on a weekly or fortnightly basis through the cropping season will really help to nourish your plants and give you better veggies.

Simply mix a cupful of wormcast fertiliser with 5 litres of water and let it brew overnight. Then use the wormcast “tea” to water your veggies the next day.

The icing on the cake is to then sprinkle a small handful of pure wormcast fertiliser around the base of each plant and gently work it into the soil with your fingers (without disturbing the roots). This will slowly release the nutrients into the soil over several days.