Follow-On Crops to Plant Next

If you planted out in late April or May, you may be surprised to see spaces coming up in your veg plot already as you harvest things like fennel, potatoes, lettuces, beetroot and carrot. We have a few suggestions for what to plant in their place…

Kale & Chard

Planting kale and chard now is a good way to ensure a steady supply of fresh greens throughout autumn and into winter.

Cabbages & Cauliflower

July is a great time to plant out cabbages and cauliflower. Be sure to keep them well watered while it is still warm weather, and firm them in well to encourage them to produce tight heads in late autumn/winter.

Celeriac & Swede

Get these in the ground soon and keep them really well watered and they should produce sizeable roots to dig up over winter – it’s a good way of extending your season.

Beetroot, Carrot & Fennel

These are fairly quick-growing, and there is time for another harvest if you get them in the ground over the next couple of weeks. They are a good one to plant in place of potatoes where the ground will already be well dug over from harvesting.

Mizuna & Mustard Leaves

These quick growing leaves are a good addition to the veg garden in summer, and will produce leaves to enjoy for several months.

Spring Onions

These are great to fill smaller spaces, or for a super fast harvest in August/early September if you are planning to wind down your veg growing over autumn and winter.