A Quick Guide to Pruning Fruit


Once they’ve finished fruiting, some of your fruit plants will need a spot of pruning. This is our quick guide to what needs doing and when to do it.




What? Use secateurs to cut back the canes that have just finished fruiting to ground level. Leave the canes that didn’t bear fruit. It’s a good idea to tie a bit of string around canes that are fruiting during the summer so that you can easily recognise them when it comes to pruning them.

When? After fruiting has finished (usually early Autumn)


What? Use secateurs to cut back all canes to ground level.

When? Jan/Feb

Invicta Gooseberry Bush

Gooseberries & Jostaberries

What? Cut off a fifth of all healthy, young stems. Cut old, woody stems right to ground level.

When? Not until the plant is 3-5 years old. Any pruning should be done in winter.


What? Cut off any unwanted runners or pull them up if they’ve already established roots in the soil. (runners are the long stems/shoots that will creep out from the main plants to re-root as a separate plant.)

When? Early-late autumn.

Kiwi Fruit


What? Cut back any new shoots to approximately 15cm and remove any unproductive older shoots.

When? In winter

ps. Whilst growing in the summer, cut back fruiting vines to leave 5 or 6 leaves past the fruit.

Currants (white, red & pink)


In the first year: Select 5-6 main stems (leaders) that are evenly spaced around the bush, forming a wine glass shape. These will remain on the bush for its whole life. Cut each of these leaders back by half its length. Cut off any other shoots.

In future years: Cut off half of the new growth on the leaders. For example, if the leader grew 40cm, you will cut off 20cm. Cut off any sideshoots that have appeared on the leader as well, leaving just one or two buds.

When? Winter

Three Organic Rhubarb Crowns


What? Remove dead leaves.

When? Autumn, after the plant dies down for the winter.

Blackcurrant Bush


What? Remove a fifth of the bush and cut out from the base any old wood that is close to the ground.

When? Not until years 3-5, in the winter whilst the plant is dormant.

Brigitta Blueberry Plant

Blueberry & Honeyberry

What? Remove a fifth of the bush and cut out from the base any old wood that is close to the ground.

When? Not until year 2, in the winter.


Cranberry & Lingonberry

What? Cut plants back lightly to keep them neat.

When? After fruiting in late autumn.

Goji Berry

Goji Berry

What? Remove dead shoots and give them a light tidy up.

When? Early spring

Purple Chokeberry


What? Cut back any shoots that make harvesting difficult. Cut off any damaged shoots.

When? Feb/Mar