Get them to ripen

Most of the time your veg will ripen on their own, but if the sun has been scarce in your part of the country, or if your plants didn’t make it to the veg patch until later on in the summer, they may need a helping hand. Here’s our advice:

Pumpkins and Squashes: cut off any leaves that may be blocking the sunshine from reaching the fruits.

Tomatoes: If you’ve had windows open in the greenhouse it may be worth checking the temperature, as tomatoes need warmth as well as sun to ripen. If it’s cooled down in there a bit, shut a couple of windows again to keep the temperature up. Green tomatoes that are reluctant to ripen can be picked and ripened on a sunny windowsill for a few days.

Sweetcorn: Don’t try to rush it, even if the weather turns a little cold just be patient and leave them to ripen on the plant.

Aubergines: These aren’t easy to ripen off the vine. Like tomatoes, they need a nice warm place, but leave them on the plant until they’re ready to pick.

Chillies: If you’re growing in pots outside it’s a good idea to bring them into a nice warm house and pop them on a sunny windowsill as the temperatures begin to drop. If they’re in the greenhouse, make sure they’re nice and warm.

Peppers: Can be ripened in the same way as tomatoes.¬†One alleged trick that’s worth a try…pop unripe tomatoes and peppers in a brown paper bag with a single ripe tomato and leave in a warm place. Word has it they will ripen faster. But we’re not 100% convinced!