Gift ideas for townies

Growing your own isn’t just for the countryside…your friends and family can enjoy growing their own in towns and cities too. They just need a tiny bit of growing space. Here are some great ideas…

Pretty Planters

We’ve got three for you to choose from, each with everything needed to get growing in a planter that fits neatly on a balcony or patio.

Gourmet Herb Garden

In just a few pots and containers your loved one could grow some really fantastic herbs to add incredible flavour to their cooking…

festive foliage

Festive Foliage

Just because they live in a city doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy some natural Christmas decorations. Send them a box of festive foliage so they can spruce up their home!

Edible Wreath

It’s the ultimate Christmas decoration, a beautiful, all natural wreath hanging on their front door. Send them an edible wreath and they can enjoy it for days on end.

Container Garden Experience

This is just the thing to enable somebody special to grow their own in a small space. They just need to have 10-15 pots or containers and they can get growing.

Urban Veg Patch Experience

If they have space for a couple of small raised beds in their garden then this is the one for them…lots of veg to grow in just a small area.