Grow Climbing Beans in Small Spaces

If you’re short on space but would like to grow climbing beans, then here is a good solution that will give you a good yield without taking up too much room in your plot.

  1. For a set of 10 climbing beans – eg Runner Beans, Borlotti Beans, Climbing French Beans – you’ll need three or four large, deep window boxes, or three growbags.
  2. Place these alongside a wall, preferably south facing. If not, west facing, or east. Not north.
  3. Each bean plant will need some support – this can be in the form of a trellis attached to the wall behind, bamboo canes prodded deep into the pots, or garden string suspended from some kind of hook on the wall and dug into the soil when you plant the beans. Make the support about 2m high.
  4. Plant your beans, leaving 25-30cm between each plant and loosely tie in to the support with garden twine.
  5. As the beans grow, tie them in until they start to naturally climb the support.