Are you growing your own Christmas Dinner?

If you’re growing the veggies from our Christmas Dinner Collection then there are one or two little jobs that we recommend doing now that colder, wetter autumn weather is upon us:

  1. Earth up leeks – pulling a little earth up around their bases will help to give them whiter stems as well as giving them a bit more stability in stronger winds.
  2. Check brassicas for caterpillars and eggs – there are still a couple more weeks that caterpillars will be a problem, but if you can make sure they survive the last burst of cabbage whites then they’ll do much better!
  3. Stake sprouts – as your sprouts grow ever taller they’ll be more likely to be blown over by strong winds. You can stake them or earth them up (or both).
  4. Potatoes need earthing up too for a bigger crop.
  5. Don’t let rosemary get waterlogged – wetter weather is not overly popular with rosemary plants. If you’re growing them in pots it’s a good idea to move them under cover or to a sheltered spot. If they’re growing in the ground then drainage should be sufficient.