How to grow... Celery

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Celery has a bit of a bad reputation for being tricky to grow, but the good news is that we do all the hard work for you. So when your baby plants arrive they are easy to grow successfully. There are two types of celery, self blanching and trenching. Ours is the Prinze variety which is self blanching, which basically means that you don’t need to dig a trench for it or worry about earthing up.

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The right site

Celery loves deep fertile soil that is very moist but not boggy! Plenty of organic matter is essential. It prefers acid to alkaline conditions, so never give it lime.

Can be grown in....

Raised beds or pots/containers.

How far apart?

25cm apart.

Looking after your plants....

We’ve deliberately chosen a variety that is easy to grow. Follow these few golden rules and you should get a good crop.


Remove side shoots

As the plants develop cut off the side shoots so that they shoot straight upwards.


Feed them if growing in pots

If your celery is growing in containers or pots, it’s best to add a liquid feed every 2 weeks.


Keep them well watered

Celery needs moist soil to grow successfully, so make sure you give them plenty of water and don’t let them dry out.

Storage Tips

Celery will keep well in the fridge but it’s best to harvest as you want to use it.

Ways to cook

As well as being good in salads, celery is great for making stock – make a mirepoix by roughly chopping celery, carrots, onions and leeks, and boil these either on their own for half an hour for a veggie stock, or add them towards the end of chicken stock.