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Having lavender in the garden will bring you a lot of joy. It smells amazing, it looks great, it attracts bees and it’s good for cooking too.

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The right site

Full sunshine and well drained, sandy soil are the things that lavender needs.

Can be grown in....

Anywhere as long as it has good drainage…containers work well as you can bring them in when it’s wet weather.

How far apart?

50cm apart or one plant to a pot.

Looking after your plants....

Lavender is a Mediterranean plant so here in the UK we need to try and recreate this climate to get the best results.


Cut back regularly

A little trim every so often during spring and summer will keep your lavender looking good.


Watering them

Lavender prefers dry conditions so be careful not to overwater.



Cut back in autumn

Cutting your lavender plant back to half its size in the autumn will give it a better chance the following year.


Great with...

Lavender is not very popularly used in cooking in this country, but it has one or two uses that you should definitely give a go if you have a sweet tooth…try it with:

  • Shortbread
  • Ice cream
  • Sponge cake

Types to try