Have you been growing raspberries?

You may still be harvesting a few autumn raspberries, but summer raspberries will need to be pruned now. It’s simple and pruned canes will give you a healthier crop next year.

Simply cut back any canes that bore fruit this summer – they are the old canes that will look relatively brown against new, fresh canes. You want to cut these old canes right back to ground level, leaving new canes space to grow. Once you’ve cut out the old canes, take a look at the new canes and remove any that are growing too close together and any particularly thin canes.

Now you’ve got next year’s canes selected. All you need to do now is tie them in to the support wires/posts that you’ve been using.

It really is that simple and you can use exactly the same method for blackberries , loganberries and tayberries. Autumn fruiting raspberries are slightly different, however. You’ll need to wait until midwinter and then simply cut all the canes back to ground level.