How Hot do you like your Chillies?

ring of fire chilli

Chillies are nice and easy to grow, whether it’s in pots on a sunny patio or in a growbag in the greenhouse. You usually get a good crop and you can freeze them whole so that you can continue to enjoy your own homegrown food for months! Here’s a little guide to the different varieties we have available and how hot they are.


Cherry Bomb Chilli

Medium hot chillies measuring 7cm long.
Great stuffed with cream cheese.

Firecracker Chilli

Hot chillies measuring 10cm long.
Striking multicoloured skin.


Early Jalapeño

Medium chillies measuring 7-8cm long.
Harvest early when green or later on when red.

Hungarian Wax Chillies

Hungarian Hot Wax Chilli

Mild to medium hot chilli measuring 10cm.
The more it ripens, the hotter it gets.

scotch bonnet pepper

Scotch Bonnet Chilli

A very hot chilli measuring 4cm.
A favourite for those who like it hot!

Orange Habanero Chilli

Very hot chilli measuring 2-3cm.
It may be small but it packs a punch.

Demon Red Chilli Pepper

Demon Red Chilli

A medium chilli measuring 2cm long.
Great for growing in pots.

Basket of Fire Chilli

A hot chilli measuring 5-7cm long.
Grows well in pots, and very colourful!