How much to grow in a small crate planter

If you are short on space, then you might find a couple of these planters are just the ticket. You’d be surprised how much you can grow – in this article we give a few planting suggestions.

First, here’s the technical info:

Dimensions: Length: 79cm x Width: 52.5cm x Depth: 15.5cm

Volume: Approx. 65L (i.e you will need approx 65l of compost to fill them)

Suitable plants:

We tend to plant them up in rows that run across the width of the planter, but you could plant lengthways depending on how your planters are positioned. Either way, be mindful of planting any taller plants so that they do not shade out smaller plants.

  • Beetroot
  • Lettuce & Salad Leaves
  • Spinach & Chard
  • Dwarf Beans
  • Bush Tomato
  • Spring Onion/Leeks/Onion
  • Turnip
  • Curly Kale
  • Baby Sweetcorn
  • Aubergine

You can also position the planter at the bottom of a trellis, in order to grow the following plants vertically.

  • Peas/Mangetout/Sugarsnap
  • Courgette/Squash
  • Cucumber
  • Climbing Beans

Planting Ideas:

A Cut & Come Again Salad Patch

Plant 2 rows of each of the following across the width of the planter, leaving approx 8cm between each plant.

  • Rocket x 10
  • Mizuna x 10
  • Lettuce x 10
  • Frills Mustard x 10

Mediterranean Veggie Planter

  • Tiny Tim Tomato x 5
  • Birds Eye Chill x 3
  • Dwarf Bean x 10

Plant a row of chillies, widthways, at one end.  Then a block of dwarf beans, spacing them out approx 15-20cm apart, and a block of tomatoes, spaced at 20cm. It won’t be neat, but the plants should all do well.

Pack in the Veggies Planter

  • Beetroot x 10
  • Spring Onion x 20
  • Spinach x 10
  • Wild Rocket x 10
  • Garden Pea x 10

Plant this one length ways – 10 peas at the back, climbing up a trellis or with pea sticks to climb. Then 2 rows of spinach in front of that, 20cm apart with 15cm between the rows. If you stagger the rows, you can squeeze them up closer together. You’ll want to pick the outer leaves regularly to keep the plants quite small. Then a row of beetroot in front of that (approx 8cm apart), and finally 2 rows of spring onions (these can be 5-8cm apart) and a row of wild rocket at the very front. Again, pick the outer leaves of rocket regularly to keep the plants small.