How to deal with persistent weeds

Marestail, bindweed, brambles, nettles, docks… there are all sorts of persistent weeds in our plots and gardens. Ahead of the growing season, we thought we’d look at the best way of dealing with them so that you can keep your plots reasonably weed-free this year.

There are of course nasty weedkillers out there, but if you want to keep things natural and organic, then you will need a garden fork, a smaller hand fork and a bucket load of patience.

First of, use the garden fork to carefully dig out as much of the roots as possible from your beds. Try and do this in the next few weeks, before they get too much spring growth going.  Be sure to get rid of the roots – don’t add them to your compost pile.

Once that is done, we would suggest topping beds up with compost before planting out your veggies. This will block out the light somewhat and slow the weeds’ growth.

Once your veg plants are on the go, check once or twice a week at the very least, and using your hand fork very carefully pull up new weed growth, getting as much root as possible. Again, don’t put the roots in the compost.

You’re best off doing this right through the growing season, until late autumn when they die back.

It will take time, and patience, but keep on top of it like this and eventually you will have fewer and fewer to contend with.