How to Grow Autumn Radishes from Plug Plants

For the first time this autumn we are offering radish plug plants – they are incredibly easy to grow and take up very little space. Follow the points below and hopefully you’ll get a good harvest (as long as the weather stays good!)

  • Choose a sunny spot with loose soil or top up a bed/pot with multipurpose compost
  • You don’t need to thin out the seedlings if there are multiple seedlings in each plug – you can grow them in clumps.
  • Plant plugs leaving 10cm space between each plug
  • Protect well from slugs – try some beer traps or if growing in pots, some copper tape.
  • Harvest approximately 4 weeks after planting (pull one or two up to check size) and before the first frosts
  • Don’t leave them in the ground once they are ready as they won’t keep well in the soil. It is better to harvest them and storeĀ in the fridge for several days.