Is your veg patch ready?

Planting time is nearly upon us and for many the long weekend is a great opportunity to get the garden sorted and ready for the season. Here’s a quick checklist to use to make sure you are ready for planting action!!

  • Roughly sketch or jot down where you plan to plant everything
  • Check that you have enough pots/containers and beds
  • Make sure beds are weeded, dug over (unless you are no-dig) and topped up with compost
  • Clean pots/containers and check they have enough drainage holes (you can put a few crocks in the bottom to help)
  • Order in enough compost to fill pots and containers
  • It’s a good idea to have a grow bag or two ready in case you need to temporarily plant your veg when they arrive
  • Make sure you are prepared to protect plants from cold weather/wind if they arrive in unfavourable conditions! (see below)
  • Build supports for climbing beans & peas – bamboo wigwams for beans, twigs or chicken wire for peas
  • Get bamboo canes/supports ready for tomatoes
  • Get some fleece ready to protect plants, or build a simple hoop tunnel cloche using bamboo canes, hosepipe and enivromesh (see below) – this is a good idea for brassicas (to protect against pigeons and butterflies) and carrots (to protect against carrot root fly)
  • Make brassica collars (see below)
  • Clean greenhouse windows/polytunnels
  • Water greenhouse/tunnel beds the day before your plants arrive, so that your plants can go straight into the soil
  • Dig over beds that will be growing root veggies (and potatoes if you haven’t yet planted them)
  • Clear the garden of debris – a clean plot is less hospitable to slugs, snails and other pests
  • Get a compost bin ready if you don’t already have one
  • Are you collecting rain water? Why not install a water butt (and check your water butt/gutters aren’t blocked if you already have them)
  • Make plant labels
  • Buy some cheap beer for putting in slug traps

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