Keep an eye on the weather

It looks as if we’ve got some warmer temperatures coming back over the next few days, but please do keep an eye out for forecasts of frosts, cold nights and strong winds. You may need to protect newly planted veggies… the most vulnerable are fruiting veg like sweetcorn, squashes, courgettes, pumpkins, beans, peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies/peppers. Here are some things you can do:

If a cold spell is forecast:

  • Lay a sheet of horticultural fleece over rows of vulnerable plants
  • Build a makeshift polytunnel to cover beds (or wrap polythene around plants as pictured above!)
  • Use a cloche to cover vulnerable plants
  • If growing in pots, move to sheltered positions next to walls which will reflect heat from the sun

If strong winds are forecast:

  • Use a cloche to protect individual plants
  • Move pots to a more sheltered spot that is out of the wind
  • Protect plants with polythene as pictured above

If frost is forecast:

  • Cover rows/beds of plants with a sheet of horticultural fleece
  • Cover individual plants with a cloche
  • Bring pots under cover for the night