Fungal spots on leaves

The sudden damp and mild temperature that we’ve had in the last few days in Cornwall is perfect for the development of fungal leaf spot like the ones pictured here. A few spots here and there is nothing to be concerned about and tends to be more of an issue because it is aesthetically unappealing, but it’s also not great to let it get out of hand.

If you see any spots appearing, you can remove the affected leaves and get rid of them. Doing this will certainly slow it from spreading through the plant, and hopefully prevent it from spreading to other plants but may not get rid of the problem once and for all. Our advice is to simply try to keep on top of it by removing affected leaves as you see them and harvesting unaffected leaves nice and early so that you get to enjoy your crop!

For crops where you don’t eat the leaves, the odd spot here and there is unlikely to bother you much. For lettuces and leaves, however, you may be nervous to eat them. Obviously, if the leaves are totally covered in spots you will probably find them quite unappealing anyway, but if there are just a couple of spots here and there, you can still eat them.