There should be loads of fruit to pick!

Blackcurrant Bush

Don’t forget to harvest fruit as it ripens this month. There should be loads happening in the fruit garden, from berries and currants to melons and kiwi fruits….

Blackberries should be ripening soon, they’re already beginning to turn a lovely shade of purple-black here in the Cornish hedgerows. Tayberries will be ripening this month too.

Blackcurrants are ready to pick as soon as they turn a shiny black/blue colour. Don’t leave them longer than 5-7 days once they’ve ripened as they’ll go over.

Blueberries may start to ripen this month, but it depends which variety you have. Keep an eye out.

Peaches, nectarines, apples and pears will all be close to harvest time around now too.

Raspberries may be coming to an end this month if they are a summer fruiting variety, but autumn fruiting varieties might start to ripen towards the end of the month.

Strawberries are probably done and dusted by now, so it’s a good idea to plant on any runners.

Pinkcurrant, Whitecurrant and Redcurrant are more likely to ripen in September, but you may be able to harvest a few in late August. The same is true for lingonberry, jostaberry and chokeberryKiwis should ripen towards the end of this month.