Making a Nettle Feed – Diary of a Rocket Gardener

Having only just planted out because of the weather, I don’t have a huge amount to do in the veg garden at the moment – watering in the mornings, a little light weeding and that’s about it. In the wider garden, though, the nettles are growing like crazy. So, I’ve taken the opportunity to cut them back and make a nettle feed.

I’s very easy to do. I have a couple big buckets, and I’ve put the nettle stems/leaves (no roots) in the bucket, squashed them down and then filled the bucket with water. I’ll now let it soak for a week or so, and then will have a lovely feed to use on my veggies, which by then will be growing quite quickly I hope!

The soggy nettles will then go on the compost heap to break down and will release lots of nutrients there too.┬áIt’s a really easy way to add good stuff back into the soil and doesn’t take a lot of effort to do.