May in the Veg Patch

The best month for planting out is upon us, and it’s time to get the veg patch well and truly on the go. There’s no major rush – our preferred time to plant out is mid to late May, when the colder winds and late frosts tend to be behind us and the soil is that much warmer to help the plants get off to a good start.

We’re in the full swing of sending out plants now, hoping to get the majority shipped this month, as May is such a great time to plant out. Don’t be too confident though if yours arrive in the next week or so…a little caution is wise.

In addition to planting, there is plenty to do in the veg patch. Here’s the low-down.

What to plant

We always love May for being the best month to plant out, especially towards the middle of the month…the nights are that much warmer, the days are longer and it all helps to get plants off to a really good start.

You can get the majority of your summer veggies, herbs and potted fruit planted this month – anything you can think of really, from peas and carrots to squashes and purple sprouting broccoli. Be sure to protect plants from late frosts and cold winds though – it’s been unpredictable the last few weeks!

Garden jobs

There’s plenty to be getting on with this month… making supports for your beans, earthing up potatoes as shoots appear, keeping on top of weeds, watering pots and containers, and getting your raised beds ready for planting. If you have a greenhouse or polytunnel, make sure the windows/plastic covers are clean to let maximum light through.

Be prepared for late frosts as well…bring pots undercover on chilly nights and lay horticultural fleece over rows of young, vulnerable veggies outside.

What to harvest

You’ll be surprised how quickly your salad leaves, lettuces, spinach and chard grow once they’re planted. You can start harvesting them within a few weeks of planting. Spring onions usually come up quite quickly too, so if you’ve already got them in the ground you should be able to use them towards the end of the month.

If you have kale, spinach and chard still growing from the autumn, keep using it up as and when you can.