My 2 Mini Wildflower Meadows – Diary of a Rocket Gardener

A few weeks back, in mid July, I took delivery of 150 of Rocket Gardens’ new wildflower plugs and set about creating 2 mini wildflower meadows. So far so good and the seedlings have come on a long way.

I planted up one batch in an old zinc planter filled with fresh compost. The oval planter measures about 50cm long x 30cm wide, and I filled it with approximately 40 plugs. I think by squishing them in so closely they are really competing for sunlight and nutrients, and so they have grown really fast and really tall.



Before (approx 1 week after planting):


After (approx 5 weeks after planting)

Full to the brim and beginning to bloom, with lots of little buds forming! It’s not the best photo, but my neighbours have all complimented me on my pot of wildflower plants.


For my other little wildflower creation, I cleared a patch of dying rosemary and sage plants. This opened up a space next to the log shed, measuring approximately 2.5m long x 1m wide which I covered with a 10cm thick layer of compost. It is east facing, and quite exposed to wind, so even though I planted it at the same time as the pots, the plants have been a little slower to get going. I think this is also because they have more space and so are not competing as much. There are about 110 plants here and I dotted some violas in amongst the wildflower plugs too, just to add a splash of instant colour. I think when it is fully established it will look really lovely.

Before (approx 3-4 days after planting)


After (approx 5 weeks after planting)


Both are doing well, and the bees and butterflies are already enjoying them. I’m hopeful that I’ll get a good display later in the month, so will post some more pics soon!