My cauliflowers have no heart! Diary of a Rocket Gardener

This is the first time I’ve grown cauliflower. I’m not a huge cauliflower fan, and usually one or two meals a year with cauliflower cheese suffice, but I wanted to try growing a few new things this summer so chose to add them to my plot.

They don’t seem to be doing as well as my other brassicas – they were planted at the same time, on 2nd May, and are in the same bed and protected well from cabbage white butterflies and pigeons. However, they have been growing very slowly, and nearly 2 months on I am still not seeing any evidence of hearts forming, so I’m not feeling confident. I think I didn’t firm them in enough and I think that is where the problem lies. I was planting out a lot of seedlings on that day and ran out of oomph towards the end. I vaguely remember being a bit haphazard when it came to the cauliflowers, which were the last of the brassicas to go in.  I think I will have to just wait and see – I’m hoping they will get there, and we have a few months to go before winter so there is still time! I’m going to take a leap of faith, apply a liquid feed, tread down the soil a bit to firm them in and hope for the best.