My Low-Effort Autumn Approach…

Last autumn, I valiantly planted up a whole load of veggies in my veg patch and tended to them lovingly until early November. Then I totally neglected them until spring. It was ok, as I did occasionally harvest them so the veggies didn’t go to waste, but I definitely didn’t get as much out of them as I should have. I tend to hibernate in the winter. I’m not very good at forcing myself to go out into the veg patch when it’s windy, rainy or just plain cold. For some reason it just seems like so much more effort than taking the dog for a walk or something (which I seem able to do no problem).

This year, I’ve admitted to myself that I am a “fair-weather gardener” and have concocted a different plan for growing my own veg over the autumn and winter. I am going to be planting lots of leaves in pots and containers right outside my front door. Minimal effort required! This is what I am planning:

Deep 20cm Terracotta Pot x 2 – Frills Mustard & Mizuna

Shallow 30cm Terracotta Pot x 2 – Wild Rocket

Rocket Gardens Planter x 1 – Curly Kale, Rainbow Chard, Pak Choi

Deep 50cm Bucket x 1 – Red Russian Kale (or Cavolo Nero) 


I won’t be able to fit 10 of each into the pots, so I will give a few to neighbours and friends and plant any excess in a single bed in the veg patch. At least on those cold, miserable days I can just grab some healthy homegrown greens without needing to venture too far into the garden!!