My Scabby Squashes!

Quite a few of my Tromboncino squashes are looking a bit scabby. Others are beautifully smooth (so much so that my neighbour asked if she could have one for her kitchen table so that she could stroke it when she’s feeling stressed. Ha ha!) but a select few have these small, scab like bumps on the skin. Wart on earth are they?!

Well, I couldn’t actually find out a huge amount on this and I’m still a little unsure as to whether it is caused by a virus, fungus or just growing conditions. Some suggest it is due to the soil being warmer than the air and humid conditions, others suggest it is caused by mosaic fungus, and others suggest it is a fungus scab. I am none the wiser but I think it is quite common and nothing to worry about so I look forward to eating my squashes over the next few months!

I’ be interested to know if others have experienced this, and better yet, if they’ve worked out what it is!